Success Stories

” My session with Laure was an absolute life changer. Laure very gently, yet powerfully, helped me to see how and why I had instilled a tool in my little subconscious toolbox as a child, that couldn’t possibly serve me well as an adult. This coping mechanism had affected so much of my life – robbing me of freedom and a sense of self control – sometimes preventing me from leaving my house for days and weeks on end. 

With clear direction and an abundance of compassion, Laure navigated us through this wonderful journey that discovered and cleared this old belief in just one session. My life has been so different from the moment I opened my eyes after our session. I am free and I am in control.

Laure is very skilled in this therapy, but I feel that it’s her innate ability to connect with others, and her tremendously supportive nature that make her so gifted in this. I simply can’t wait to have another session with Laure on a separate issue. “


” We started the session through Zoom and though you might think that this is distant, it felt like we were sitting just next to each other. Laure is very intuitive person and makes you feel at ease quickly and in a very natural way.

During the session Laure guided me through scenes of the past, these were all different events explaining my current lack of confidence. These scenes weren’t a reflection of the causes that I had designated consciously, they were showing me what was hidden underneath. Laure did an amazing job guiding me through a moment where I released a lot of negative energy. So I felt really safe and relieved afterwards.

The session brought me closer to my intuition and allowed a deeper awareness of myself. Enabling me to take back the control over my mind. I now recognize outdated or false beliefs faster; understand I can let go of them and create a different future for myself.

I thank Laure for this huge gift: expanding awareness and empowerment. Anyone who is looking to expand their awareness, to change unwanted behaviours to start creating your reality, your dreamlife… Give it a try, it’s “SOOOOOO WORTH IT !!! “




” I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful and powerful session. Your guidance during the session was exceptional and extremely professional. Throughout the session, I felt very safe which allowed me to completely let go, your guidance/powerful questions gave me the strength and courage to explore the root causes of my issues. It was a deeply moving and incredible experience!

The following 24 hours, I felt a rush of energy flowing through my neural pathway. Washing away negative thoughts, releasing deep anchored beliefs but more importantly the feeling I was given myself permission to upgrade/elevate. I also noticed I do feel more grounded/connected and have a lot more clarity and energy.

I can already feel a deep shift happening. I AM WORTHY …. a real feeling of transformation, self-acceptance, self-love is still occurring every time I listen to your recording. The recording is so powerful that I need to take a nap after each session to allow this new energy to work through my body. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of the recording and look forward to listening to it each time.

It feels like I am removing a huge weight from my back…

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you Laure for this amazing and profoundly changing life experience. You are a truly talented Therapist, and I would recommend you to anyone seeking deep transformational change and healing. “


” As the spouse of someone who has suffered for many years from anxiety and depression, I wanted to share my personal experience about how Laure helped my wife. On a daily basis, my wife struggled with self-esteem issues and severe anxiety.

She had tried everything western medicine had to offer as well as some alternative therapies like naturopath and tapping/Counselling. Nothing had any long-term effects. The last six months before her sessions with Laure, she often spoke of not being able to live with the emotional pain. After Laure was able to really help me with my own issues, my wife agreed to try it. I am so grateful that she did.

After just a few sessions over a period of a few months, I’ve been able to see my wife go from the darkness into the light. I can’t describe the joy that fills my heart. Every time I hear her laugh, or when she tells me how great it feels for the sun to shine on her face. Now, she wakes up at least 4 hours earlier every day, with hope. After praying and watching her struggle for many years, Laure was the catalyst to helping her find her own strength and her own light. I would recommend Laure to anyone who is suffering.

Thank you for giving me my wife…and my life back Laure! “


” I have struggled my entire life with anxiety and some depression. Panic attacks have been prominent in my life in the last few years, so much so that I have been unable to participate in many simple day to day activities.

Laure was recommended to me several months ago, and as a last resort, I finally agreed to have a consultation with her. It changed my life from the moment we spoke. I had hope.

After only a few appointments and follow up sessions, my life and my relationships have changed dramatically. I enjoy living and doing the things that I have always wanted to do. I am free of panic attacks, and I am very excited about my future. My perspective on life is so much more positive and I have the power and confidence to take part in anything I wish.

I truly believe that Laure is my personal angel.

Very highly recommend Laure! “


” Laure is a first-choice guide. Her experience, her human qualities, her ability to listen, to share and her availability made my introspection incredibly enriching.

Laure is also a refuge where you can settle down, remove and empty your heavy and badly organised hiking bag, and sort things out. You can also heal your wounds, rediscover your essence and go back to the source.

This support enabled me to create the conditions for rediscovering harmony, feeling at peace, and realising the family and relationship projects that I had been aspiring to for several years.

Reconnecting with our deepest nature transforms our lives and those around us.

It’s a revelation and a path that I want to follow to live fully and truly.

With all my gratitude and my very sincere thanks to Laure. “


” I was accompanied by Laure for over 3 months. She always listened to me, was kind and resourceful. 
During each session I had moments of profound revelation. It was powerful! 
Now I feel much freer, lighter and completely in tune with myself. 
My outlook on life has changed. 
Thank you, Laure! “


” Thank you for the healing transformation. The sessions have helped me in so many ways – I was in a frozen state, my world felt like glue, and I felt immobilized and unable to see my way forward.  

The session opened my mind, heart, spirit to a new world of possibilities.

I feel healed and new and have rediscovered a sense of wonder that I felt as child. My journey in this life has taken a new path full of possibilities. If I ever find myself at a crossroads or in a stuck place – I know now where to turn. Thank you dear Laure.”



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